Exploring Latin America: Our transformative Internship journey at CFG Partners

Embarking on our internship has been a truly transformative experience, propelling us into the captivating finance world of Latin America. We were fortunate enough to be selected for an internship at CFG Partners, a renowned finance company, which allowed us to embark on an incredible journey through various countries, immerse ourselves in diverse business sectors, participate in exciting projects, and embrace the beauty of different cultures. We gained a multitude of skills, formed lifelong connections, and had the opportunity to witness firsthand the nuances of various industries, gaining valuable insights into sectors ranging from finance and technology, to customer service and compliance.

As our internship at CFG Partners draws to a close, we reflect on the impact of our time in Latin America. The friendships we formed, the knowledge we gained, and the memories we created will undoubtedly shape our future endeavors, both personally and professionally.

CFG Interns 2023

“During my time in Colombia at CFG Partners, I worked closely with Julian, the CFO of Dando, to analyze the volatility of the foreign exchange market between Colombian pesos and US dollars. I conducted extensive research on Columbia and utilized analytical tools to create a devaluation/revaluation analysis. Through this experience, I gained practical knowledge in finance, currency markets, and the complexities of managing financial operations in a volatile exchange rate environment.” – Carlotta Porter

“Whilst working with the Debt and Equity department under Dan Lavoie, I researched and analyzed both the micro and macroeconomic scope of the countries in which CFG holds assets in. Through analyzing the economic and political positions of these countries, as well as competitor data such as market capitalization and enterprise value, I sharpened my skills in determining a market’s strengths and weaknesses.” – Jaime Zamora

“During my time in Panama was able to work in the recovery department, making calls to clients. It was an opportunity for me to develop strong communication and negotiation skills while handling delicate financial matters. Engaging with clients and helping them navigate their debts was both challenging and rewarding, allowing me to understand the importance of empathy and problem-solving in a professional setting.” – Maria Henne

“Throughout this internship, I have had the opportunity to learn the power of dedication and perseverance when faced with a challenge. During our time in Miami, we had worked collectively to create a survey to understand the level of brand awareness. Although, it was more of a challenge for me to speak in Spanish, by having the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and survey participates, I was able to experience a situation which required an amount of courage and drive. Overall, I was able to prosper both professionally and personally when turning a moment of challenge into an experience of growth.” – Sydnee Goldman