El Sol visited a Residential Institution for Children

Continuing the initiatives through the Social Responsibility Program #ElSolenAcción, volunteers from Corporación El Sol visited Hogar de la Infancia in Panama City on July 27. The residential institution provides care, medical attention, and basic education to approximately 50 children between the ages of 4 and 12 with different family situations that prevent them from living with their parents. Corporación El Sol shared presents, shoes, toys, entertainment, and snacks with all the children.

“Corporación El Sol is committed to Panamanian children. On this occasion an Institution that for 85 years has been caring for children who have faced very difficult situations was selected. We joined them by providing necessities, but above all, by filling their hearts with love and joy, which is what they need the most”, said Concepción de Grimaldo, Country Manager.

“On this beautiful activity, 45 volunteers of Corporación El Sol participated sponsoring a child. Children are our future and must be led towards a better tomorrow”, shared Concepción de Grimaldo.

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