El Sol volunteers visited Hogar Bolívar nursing home in Panama City

Corporación El Sol visited a nursing home in Panama City

Approximately 30 Volunteers from Corporación El Sol visited the Hogar Bolívar nursing home in Panama City on June 24, 2023, as part of the #ElSolenAcción Social Responsibility Program. During the visit, they shared with the elderly by giving them music, board games, and refreshments, in addition to contributing needs such as diapers, detergents, and food.

“The elderly are a community with needs that occasionally face social and health barriers. We hope that by offering moments of joy and amusement, we may assist enhance their quality of life. We all have relatives who are older folks who require or have received assistance, and we may aid by assisting them in following their daily routine.”, said Concepción de Grimaldo, Country Manager.

“As a company, we are pleased to participate in these activities with our older adults, donating our time and effort,” Concepción de Grimaldo said.