Corporacion el Sol's volunteers

El Sol cleans the beach of Costa del Este

Volunteers from Corporación El Sol got together on May 20 for a beach and mangrove cleanup in Costa del Este. This activity is part of our Social Responsibility Program, #ElSolEnAcción, which objective is to make a positive impact on the community and the general welfare of Panamanians.

The beaches are vital to the ecosystem’s health since they provide a haven for a wide variety of plants and animals. Since most marine garbage is composed of plastics that do not biodegrade, it poses a major threat to the nation’s health. These plastics eventually break down into tiny fragments, which we absorb through seafood, water, and other items.

“Around 100 volunteers from El Sol took part in this venture, which gave a result of 5.2 tons collected of rubbish, primarily plastic, the main pollutant in the oceans,” said Concepción de Grimaldo, Country Manager.

The waste collected on the beaches was identified and classified for recycling. “In order for us to collectively reduce the quantity of rubbish that ends up on our beaches, we must think about how we use plastic and dispose of trash in our daily lives. El Sol is happy to be able to invest our time in a cause that benefits the environment in our country,” Mrs. Grimaldo added.

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