El Sol joins “Relevo por la Vida 2023”

“We are all one” is the phrase that defines the 24 hours of “Relevo por la Vida”. An activity that has been carried out in Panama for 24 years and brings together the entire community to support the lives of over 500 children and adolescents with a recent cancer diagnosis, beneficiaries of the Fanlyc Program, which assists children with cancer.

El Sol en Acción volunteers took part in a 3-kilometer circuit where they may run, stroll, use a wheelchair, cycle, or skate. This family gathering included pets and infants in automobiles. For every three kilometers covered, $5 was donated to the treatment of cancer children. #ElSolEnAcción volunteers, along with family and friends, achieved the goal by doing as many laps as possible so that these children receive the necessary help and complete their treatment.

“We have participated in impact initiatives for the Panamanian community throughout the year.” As a socially responsible company, we will continue to seek out and engage in activities that contribute to the country’s needs and well-being in order to improve the quality of life for many people via our time, presence, and donations,” stated Ms. Concepción de Grimaldo. In addition to participating in the event, the #ElSolEnAcción team made a special gift to Heynar Arcia, a child who is a member of the Fanlyc Organization and requires treatment for his condition.

If you want to know more about this and other Social Responsibility initiatives of “El Sol en Acción” visit their social networks @corporacionelsol.