El Sol awards scholarship to university students

Corporación El Sol donated $5,000 to five students through its scholarship program from the Universidad del Istmo in Panama. Each student received $1,000 for their college expenses to continue their bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Accounting. The program seeks to support students with funds for their college books, food, educational materials, and tuition.

Concepción De Grimaldo, Country Manager of Corporación El Sol said: “Now more than ever, we want to motivate young people to continue their studies and start their professional future. The current situation we are experiencing has challenged us in many ways, and Corporación El Sol is providing support, so they don’t give up, continue with their studies and move on.”

Ms. Grimaldo added, “To participate, the students sent us a video through the University with their academic and professional goals. We were amazed at their enthusiasm and it is pleasing to contribute to their education, so they have impulse to continue striving.” Corporación El Sol is part of CFG Partners a financial company operating in the Caribbean and Panama. For more information about the program, you can visit www.corporacionelsol.com.