CFG enters the libranza market in Colombia

Dando by CFG emerges as a new fintech to revolutionize the libranza market in Colombia.

The distinctive digital business model provides a friendly and intuitive online service through its responsive website (PWA), efficiently originating consumer loans, in real time and without physical branches.

  • 24/7 self-managing digital platforms
  • Approval and disbursement in 24 business hours
  • More than 70 direct and 1,000 indirect jobs by end of year in Colombia

Dando’s product offering started with libranza loans (automatic payroll deduction) and will gradually expand to other financial solutions such as off-payroll loans and salary advances, which allow to cover different consumer needs.

Upon arrival to Colombia, CFG demonstrated strong commitment to the country with the acquisition of the Alpha Credit and Vive Creditos Kusidas porfolios; two relevant entities in the segment, thus quickly becoming the third largest libranza company of the non-banking sector.

Colombia is the first country in South America where CFG Partners opens for operations with an expansion plan that seeks entry to two additional new markets in the next two years.

Dando by CFG aims to transform lives enabling more opportunities for Colombians to fulfill their dreams.